RP-G28 Product Platform and Pipeline


Our platform is based on selectively colonizing microbiota (increasing beneficial bacteria) in the colon, and thus potentially changing the colon’s composition of microbiota. This process has been shown to stimulate the growth of endogenous bifidobacteria, which after a short feeding period become predominant in the colon. The result is believed to reduce inflammation and improve digestion, thereby potentially reducing digestive symptoms.


RP-G28 is a clinical-stage product candidate that’s mechanism of action is believed to be derived from colonic adaptation (selectively colonizing microbiota) to increase beneficial bacteria in the colon. RP-G28 has completed Phase 2 trials aimed at evaluating its’ safety, efficacy and tolerability. RP-G28 is now in Phase 3 clinical development and is expected to have applicability to multiple types of gastrointestinal (GI) disorders.

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